Our Milk



'Just milk no messing'



We pride ourselves on producing delicious fresh raw milk that excels in quality and taste. 

Splash it into your cuppa, pour it on your cereals, stir it into your cooking, or just drink it straight from the carton! 

Raw milk is a whole food without pasteurisation, homogenisation, and standardisation. Our milk maintains a genuine real taste, it is sweet, rich, and creamy exactly how milk should be!

Our cows are milked twice daily, their fresh milk is filtered and immediately chilled. The bulk milk is then collected every other day and taken for processing at a large dairy.

The Cow Corner Fresh Raw Milk is transferred from the bulk tank to our vending machine daily. This way we can guarantee that our milk is never more than 48 hours old,  and will be in your fridge before our bulk milk even reaches the dairy for processing!

Once purchased our fresh raw milk should keep for 2 to 3 days. To maintain quality it should be kept below 4C . After 24 hours the cream will start to rise to the top, if this is undesirable the bottle can be  shaken before pouring to disperse any cream. Raw milk can be frozen for later use but room in the bottle must be allowed for expansion of the product. 

Our milks constituent values average 4.5% Butterfat and 3.2% Protein. This gives the milk a superb taste and quality, if however you require a product that more closely resembles skimmed milk dilution with water may be required.

In order to sell raw milk direct for human consumption our milk quality, hygiene standards, and herd health are constantly under assessment. We are fully licensed by the Food Standards Agency. And our milk and farming practices are assured under the 'Red Tractor Food Assurance Scheme'.