Our Cows

Our cows mean the world to us. We work very hard every day to provide and care for them, and in return they work even harder to produce the delicious milk we all love.

The herd is small by today's standards with just 70 cows and 50 heifers/calves, but we like it this way.  Every animal gets the individual attention they deserve and each cow has her own name and personality. 

Our milking cows are nearly all Holstein Friesians with a couple of little Jerseys thrown in just for fun! All of them are pedigree registered and have been bred over many generations focusing on improvements in milk quality and conformation traits. The herd has received recognition through a number of awards both locally and nationally.

Cows graze the green pastures around the village during the summer, and are housed in modern facilities and fed grass silage over the winter. Maintaining the highest standards of animal welfare throughout the farm is vital to us, we strongly believe that healthy cows are happy cows. 

If you would like to meet our cows or view any aspect of the milk production process, visitors are always welcome. However we are a working farm so all guests must be accompanied and prior appointment will be necessary.